Hello Guys! I hope you are starting to enjoy your Spring because it will be epic! There are so many new things being added to pvpitup. We are doing our best to bring the best out of PvP for you to show your greatness!

I would like to apologize on behalf of the whole PvPitUp Crew for any inconveniences and delays while trying to bring the servers back up! We have sleeplessly worked on every bit and aspect of what PvPitUP for you and us. We know that it is meant for all of us to get in an epic battle where we show off our skills! 

We have returned with better Servers that are LAG-Free and Responsive! That is a lie, they might be a little buggy but definitely performing a lot more efficiently than our old servers!

We have included new Faction Servers to PvPitUP. That is right! you are now going to be able to join your own factions and show your enemies what you are all about! Join epic battles while conquering new territories! Feel the rush running through your veins when you rule over the weak! Sit tight and play some Hunger Games while we make Factions available for you!

We are also happy to announce we will gradually start releasing minigames in our servers. Isn't that cool? Of course it is! We will soon be adding games such  as Skywars, One in The Quiver and much more!

In addition, we have changed our website by adding a new forum and switching our shops! Make sure to check the whole website and get familiar with it! Trust me, I would like for to spent a lot of time here! I would love to start growing a community that shares the same love for PvP and Minecraft!